Sunday, February 1, 2009

100 Random things

1. I use way more conditioner than shampoo!
2. My car will always be my second true love!
3. It's hard for me to sleep so when I do, I love it!
4. I will be 24 on the 25th!
5. I love to kiss underwater.
6. I'd rather cuddle than makeout!
7. I hate listening to people chew.
8. I hate silence.
9. I don't really hate anything I just use the word a lot.
10. My favorite color is purple
11. I think flat chested women are much more attractive than bustier girls.
12. Tigersblood is my favorite flavor at rainbow snow!
13. I hate it when people slide the fork off their teeth when they take a bite.
14. I'd rather die of heat than of cold.
15. I don't understand how something so heavy as a cargo plane can lift 5 army tanks off the ground and fly them around.
16. In most cases I enjoy waiting in lines!
17. I love emily willis.
18. I used to hate eating meat and now I'm addicted to ribs.
19. I generally prefer fish at most restaurants
20. My first college love turned out to be my one true love!
21. I have a hard time eating in front of others. And I think it's disgusting how much we eat as a country.
22. Thanksgiving is my least favorite holliday.
23. I think brad Pitt is the sexiest man alive and I don't feel gay in any way when I judge another mans level of beauty.
24. Excluding emily I think nelly furtado is the hottest woman alive.
25. I think that Botox is a miracle in the making. (ask me about it sometime!)
26. I love the sterile smell of the hospital
27. I have always been afraid of blood and needles until just recently.
28. I ran a mile and a half in 8:50 my senior year of highschool.
29. I love California.
30. I enjoy an extremely wide range of music.
31. My most favorite movie ever is moulin rouge (it's a toss up between a couple other ones)
32. I thought I was random until I started making this list of random things!
33. I love labarador retrievers.
34. The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return!
35. "No day but today" -rent.
36. I love my casio watch but I think I should get something nicer to better compliment Emily's style.
37. I would like to name a daughter McCall.
38. I believe that beauty magazines promote low self esteem.
39. I believe that God does not endorse t.v. evangelists.
40. I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul.
41. I believe in karma!
42. I have restless leg syndrome
43. I think Steven speilberg has done more for mankind than almost anyone!
44. I love to make and eat popcorn.
45. I am extremely hungry right now.
46. I wish I could teleport from here to there! You show me how it's supposed to be done, and I'll make sure you have your fun" -outkast
47. My favorite song of the month is Mutron Angel by outkast.
48. I love the sound of waves crashing on the beach.
49. I love the smell of rain and ocean.
50. I can't believe that I'm only on number 50.
51. I have no idea how I got such an amazing girlfriend!
52. I can't tell her how much I love her so sometimes I write it!
53. I love thinking about space and it's hugeness. But if I think about it too long I get pissed off!
54. I think black holes are pretty much the coolest thing in the history of the universe!
55. I'm a hopeless romantic. I actually don't even know what that means it just sounded good.
56. I dry clean my dress shirts after every use.
57. I love panda express.
58. Hot tubbing is one of my most favorite past times!
60. I have more music on iTunes than anyone I know. I have somewhere around 180 days of music that's over 300 gigabytes of music! I just got a terabyte for Christmas so I plan on having 365 days of music by the end of this year. Kind of a nerdy goal of mine.

61. I once put my jeep on cruise control and got in the back seat and held the steering wheel from clear in the back while my highschool girlfriend moved from the passenger seat into the drivers seat and then i climbed into the passenger seat going 65 MPH.
62. I have never used finger nail clippers to trim my finger nails. (its really disgusting but I am really good at biting my nails. I actually once trimmed the same highschool girlfriends nails with my teeth, they turned out fabulous!)
63.  I don't use napkins
64. I sleep wearing socks, g's, pants, and a long sleeve shirt.
65. I wish I was a better person to impress my girlfriend.
66. I hate hair.  I would shave every part of of my body if it were socially acceptable.
67. I love beaches, I wish that I lived near one, and I hope to be able to find a career that has one near.
68. I have been writing this list for a few days now so if I repeat something sorry.
69. No matter how mature or immature I am this number still grosses me out.
70. I think that using very strict guidelines doctor assisted suicide is perfectly fine.  
71. I think that Dave Willis is one of the funniest people I know
72. I know that Emily Willis is the most amazing person I have ever met.
73. Purple is my favorite color
74. Wheat thins are so frigin good!
75. Sara Willis is so good a skiing its frightening
76. These are suppose to be random facts about me huh? sorry I got off on a tangent.
77. I am a fair weather skiier. and I hate albino mutant buffalos.
78. I love the Portland airport.  3 of the most amazing experiences of my life took place there!
79. Water is so much healthier but Mountain Dew is so much tastier!
80. I lived in Argentina for 2 years serving our Lord.
81. I have a long sleeve shirt obsession 
82. I half swear but am trying to stop.  if you don't know what half swearing is just let me know and i"ll show you. 
83. My favorite song for the last couple months is Mutron Angel by Outkast
84. I don't understand how Albertsons and Target are still in business
85. It's 2:17 AM while I'm trying to finish this list.
86. Emily's ability be creative in any situation makes my life i 
87. I am eating a smore pop tart right now.  They are my favorite
88. I don't care about politics but I am for gay marraige.  For freaks sakes, if they are in love then let them get married.  it may be weird and gross and against Gods law but they are in love and all you need is love.
89. I think rapists should be castrated.  straight up, no questions asked.  
90. Nip/Tuck is the worlds best television drama.  But as soon as I get married I'm not gonna watch it anymore.  
91. I am the most un flexible person you will ever meet.
92. I have pretty bad insomnia.  It really sucks.
93. I have lots of nice stuff and like to take good care of it so that it will last me a very long time!
94. I am so close to finishing this list I am pretty excited
95. Eucalyptus spearmint is the best smell known to man,  even better than love spell!
96. Emma Anderson is the best friend ever for making this blog look so good!!
97. Going to see someone live in concert is a good way of knowing wether the band has talent or not. 
98. My one ear is totally different shaped than the other ear.  You'd never know if i didn't say anything, but if you look closely, my one ear is totally different shaped than the other.  kinda funny. 
99. "If you're havin' girl problems i feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a bi#@ ain't one". -JayZ
100. I LOVE EMILY WILLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!